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Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012 (H.R. 4170)

The Student Loan Debt Crisis Since 1978 average college tuition for a four-year college education has boosted a shocking 900%. At the same time, funding for college grants continue to be cut down. In situation like this, millions of students are forced to take student loans that are … [Read More...]

How Does Student Loans Debt Settlement Work?

What is Debt Settlement? Debt settlement or debt negotiation is type of service which is intended to help relief from unsecured loans debt or credit card debt by reducing the total amount of unsecured debt. Usually, outstanding debt can be reduced 40-60% of the original balance. Debt settlement is … [Read More...]

Can You Get Student Loans Without a Cosigner?

The majority of students today use some sort of financial aid to pay for their higher education. There is a large number of private student loans available for college students and they are suitable option of financial aid in some cases. They can have unlimited loan amount and can cover up to the … [Read More...]

The Most Popular Student Loan Options Today

The Best Student Loans Overview Due to a wide variety of student loans available, higher education is accessible to a large number of people today. No matter if you are just at the beginning of your post-secondary education or you are returning to college to upgrade your degree, you can choose one … [Read More...]

Student Loans in Default Consequences and Tips to Get Out

With the rising cost of college tuition along with lowering job prospects, it isn’t surprising that more and more people have difficulty paying off their student loans. There has been a marked increase in student loans in default since 2008 and the figures of defaulted student loans have risen for … [Read More...]

Information on Nelnet Student Loans

Nelnet student loans are one of the numerous U.S. private student loans. Nelnet works together with the Department of Education, helping college students to pay to their tuition and other education-related expenses and to achieve their educational goals. Nelnet has favorable and simple terms and … [Read More...]

Guide to CitiBank Student Loans – What You Should Know

CitiBank private student loans are one of the best student loan alternatives available for college students and their parents. CitiBank student loans include CitiAssist ® Loans which are provided to undergraduate and graduate students and cover all college costs. There is also CitiBank student loan … [Read More...]

Exploring AES Student Loans – What You Should Know

About AES Student Loans American Education Service or AES is a loan servicing company that provides student loans to students or their parents to assist them in financing college education. AES student loans are offered by the U.S. government through the Federal Family Education Loan Program … [Read More...]

Chase Student Loans – What You Should Know

About Chase Student Loans Chase Select is a private student loan program offered to undergraduate, graduate and graduate students who are going to gain career in health occupations. This student loan option is a great alternative for students who have exhausted other types of student financial aid … [Read More...]

Guide to ACS Student Loans and Things to Consider

About ACS Student Loans and Application Process There are numerous student financial aid options available for college and university students in the USA and millions of students every year apply for student loans, grants or other types of financial support. If you are student looking for the best … [Read More...]