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Guide to ACS Student Loans and Things to Consider

About ACS Student Loans and Application Process

There are numerous student financial aid options available for college and university students in the USA and millions of students every year apply for student loans, grants or other types of financial support. If you are student looking for the best private student loan option for you, then you should consider applying with ACS Student Loans which can help you to find the suitable loan plan for you in order to pay your educational related expenses in the easiest way.

Affiliated Computer Services or abbreviated ACS is in essence an online financial assistance service that can catch potential borrowers (students) with the most appropriate lenders (e.g. the US Department of Education) for their particular financial need connected to their education. It is a company with more than 20 years of experience providing information technology services.

ACS has extensive experience in providing assistance to student loan borrowers through numerous government and private student loan programs. ACS clients comprise government, private lenders and institutions of higher education and they provide support to more than 450,000 college and university students. Applying for student loan with ACS is very secure way to obtain a student financial aid, since they have rigorous student loan scam prevention measures.

When you apply for the educational loan and after your student loan application is approved by the federal government or the private loan lender, it is obvious that you will have to pay off your loan after a period of time. ACS student loans are of assistance in repaying process by providing access to their online tools. In fact, one of the most advantageous features of a borrowing ACS is the online application that is available to students through their user friendly website. Borrower can view his or her loan details online, make payments online, and numerous other things that can be done in the most convenient way.

Online Payments

One of the most beneficial functions available for ACS users is ExpressPay system which is purposely created for making online payments and it is very easy to use. After creating your account you just have to log in and you can easily make online payments.


Notification is another useful feature. ACS will let you know when the time is to start paying off your student loan which will ensure that you start your repayments on time.

Deferment Assistant

ACS developed Deferment Assistant program to make the repayment process easier and to prevent going your student loan into default. This is confidential and secure service and it enables you to apply online for deferments and learn in reasonable period of time whether you qualify.

ACS allows you to apply for and submit an on-line forbearance and deferment in case of unemployment online simply by using your e-Signature.

The other useful services available with ACS include: Inbound/outbound communications with students, Transaction Processing, Document and Workflow Management, Document and information collection, payment counseling, Default aversion, etc.

ACS Student Loans serve both, federal student loans like Federal Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, etc. and private student loans like Penn Guaranteed Loans, Key Bank Private Loans, JP Morgan Chase Private Loans and etc.

In order to apply for ACS student loan, the first thing you should do is to complete a FAFSA application form to help the Department of Education estimate how much financial aid you might be eligible for. It also helps them determine if you qualify for other forms of student financial aid such as college grants. After applying you will get the SAR or Student Aid Report with your FAFSA results and details on your eligibility, amount of loan you are going to receive and other important information on your student loan application. Than you can begin looking for the best loan provider for you, which can be one of the federal loan plans, private lending agency, college or university. ACS will summarize all the details and make it clear what the best alternatives are according to particular requirements.

To sum up, ACS is not a student loan lender, it is an online financial service that helps students find the best student loan plans. Helping students to find the most appropriate student loan program ACS make this complicated process easy.

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obama student loans forgiveness medical consolidate privet student loans

How to Postpone your Student Loan Repayment – a Loan Deferment

Examining a temporary suspension of loan payments

For most of the college students, repaying student loans is not easy process. According to some reports, average student in the USA holds a debt over $20,000 after graduation.  If you have problems making your student loan payments, you should contact straight away the organization that services your loan since you might qualify for a deferment, forbearance, or other form of payment assistance.

A deferment is a delay of payment on an educational loan. It works as long as your student loan lender is ready to grant you such a deferral, and it is, as a general rule, a more common alternative if you borrow money under the federal student loan plans like Stafford Loan or Federal Perkins Loan. This is for the reason that under the federal student loans deferment time is incorporated even with an automatic six-month period after graduation or failure below half-time status. Under the subsidized Stafford Loan or a Federal Perkins Loan, Direct or FFEL loan, you don’t have to pay interest on your educational loan during deferment. If you have an unsubsidized Direct Stafford Loan or FFEL, you are responsible for the interest during deferment. In case of your failure to pay the interest as it accrues, it will be added to the loan principal, and the amount you’re going repay will be higher. You have to apply for a deferment to the organization that handles your student loan, and you must continue to make payments until you’ve been informed your deferment has been granted. If not, you could become delinquent or go into default. However, there are some private loans which, similar to federal student loans, come with a wide range deferment options, so students can get a deferment for their private student debt also, which depends on his private loan provider’s willingness to grant him such benefit.

There are three categories of student loan deferments: In-School Deferments, Grace-Period Deferments and Out-of-School Deferments.

In-School Deferments

These categories of student loan deferments is put into practice automatically as long as student is attending school on the terms provided within his or her promissory note.

Grace-Period Deferments

These types of deferment are also normally put into effect automatically once student have graduated, or left school for whatever reason. These two types of deferments are available for any of student loan plans.

Out-of-School Deferments

Out-of-school-deferments are not automatically put into effect, for that reason you need to request them from a student loan lender in order to accomplish it. Usually, you can acquire this type of deferment in case you undergo certain life situations that prevent you from regular loan repayment like financial limitations, health issues or unemployment.

To qualify for a student loan deferment you must meet certain requirements:

  • You must not be more than 270 days behind in loan payments (or six months behind for an unemployment deferment on a FFEL),
  • You must be unemployed or meet certain rules for economic hardship (limited to 3 years) or
  • You must be enrolled at least half time in an eligible college or university or study full time in a graduate partnership program or an official disability rehabilitation program.

Military Service Deferment and Post-Active Duty Student Deferment

You may be eligible for a deferment as well if you join the U.S. Armed Forces or National Guard. An active duty military deferment is obtainable to borrowers in the Direct, Perkins Loan and FFEL plans who are called to active duty during a war or other military operation or national emergency. A borrower of a Direct, FFEL, or Perkins Loan who is a member of the National Guard or other reserve part of the U.S. Armed Forces (current or retired) and is called or ordered to active duty while enrolled at least half-time at an eligible school, or within six months of having been enrolled at least half-time, is eligible for a deferment during the 13 months following the conclusion of the active duty service, or until the borrower returns to enrolled student status on at least a half-time basis.

Economic Hardship Deferment

If you are borrower under a Direct, Federal Perkins Loan or FFEL, you may be eligible for an economic hardship deferment which is obtainable for a maximum of 3 years if you are experiencing an economic hardship under to US federal regulations.

How to Apply

To apply for a student loan deferment you are required to submit a deferment request to your loan provider along with documentation of your eligibility for the deferment. You should keep in mind that if you are in default on your loan, you are not eligible for a deferment or forbearance.

In order to make a deferment request, you need to contact your student loan servicer since each loan lender has a different deferment policy. Depending on the lender’s internal policy, you will be able to get your request done online, via phone or filling out a written deferment application. Furthermore, you have to negotiate an actual deferment time you have remaining on your student loan to your loan lender, because the largest part of student loans come with a particular amount of deferment time included. Usually, deferments are granted in six-month periods.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Utilizing Deferments

Deferments are great option in case you are not capable to make a payment on your student loan for no matter what reason and don’t mind pushing back the time it takes to repay your loan. On the other hand, utilizing deferment may be “saving” money option in the short-run, but bear in mind that you are in essence postponing the term of your loan, which may result in a higher overall loan cost. Anyway, it is recommended that you don’t hesitate to use your deferments if it comes to an alternative between letting your student loans fall into default, and delaying when your loan will be repaid.

When you are taking a student loan, be aware of the amount of deferment period that comes with a particular loan option. This will allow you to plan things better over time and make you feel secure in case you have to postpone your educational loans repayment for whatever reason.

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